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Security&Privacy Policy

AMAKS Hotels&Resorts

The management of AMAKS Hotels&Resorts hotel chain is concerned about safety and comfort of the guests. All network hotels have at their disposal their own security service and public access areas are under round-the-clock video surveillance. For safekeeping of valuables the network hotel complexes offer the renting of safes and deposit boxes.

The guests who want to keep their «incognito» status can just let the manager know about it when arriving to the hotel. Their stay in the hotel will be confidential.

The guests’ data are processed by the management of AMAKS Hotels&Resorts network hotels as per Federal law 152 « About personal data ».  Strict adherence to its clauses ensures our guests’ confidence that the data needed for the accommodation are under reliable protection and they will not be used by any third party.

We ask our guests during their stay in the network hotel complexes to observe the fire safety and accommodation rules of AMAKS Hotels&Resorts network hotels.


Accommodation rules in «AMAKS Hotels & Resorts» network hotels

1. Citizens of the Russian Federation, foreign citizens and persons without citizenship may be temporary accommodated in «AMAKS Hotels and Resorts» chain hotels.

2. Working hours of the hotels are round-the-clock;

3. The hotel accommodation formalities are completed after presenting to the receptionist of the following documents:

  • Passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation to prove the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation in the territory of the Russian Federation;
  • Birth certificates for persons under 14 years old. Their accommodation is possible only if they are accompanied by the adult.
  • Identity card of military servants of the Russian Federation with the travel order card
  • Seafarer’s passport;
  • Diplomatic passport of the citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • Military service record card for soldiers, sailors, sergeants and petty officers, doing military service under contract or conscription; for students of a military vocational schools during their education if a leave pass is submitted.
  • Temporary ID of the citizen of the Russian Federation as per Form 2-П;.
  • Deinstitutionalization certificate;
  • Passport of a foreign citizen (national passport or national passport for traveling abroad) or another document, required by the federal law or recognized as identity card of a foreign citizen according to the international agreement of the Russian Federation;
  • Permanent resident card in the Russian Federation, proving the identity of a stateless person and confirming the right for permanent residence in the Russian Federation.

4. When being accommodated in the hotel the guest signs a registration card to confirm the specified personal data. Thus, the hotel concludes with the guest the hotel services contract on the terms stated in the present Rules.

5.   The accommodation can be paid with cash, credit cards, E-money or cashless transfers. The accommodation in the hotel is effected on 100% advance payment terms;

6.   The accommodation in the hotels is paid as per the general check-out time at 12.00 by the local time;

7.   In case of accommodation before the check-out time (from 00:00 till 08:00) the room preparation for the early arrival is paid additionally in amount of 50% of a day rate for this room;

8.   The accommodation before the check-out time (from 08:00 till 12:00) is not paid additionally;  a guest can be accommodated provided that the room category, chosen by the guest, is available;

9.   In case of accommodation duration less than one day (24 hours) the room is paid as for one day;

10. In case of delay of the guest’s departure the accommodation is paid as follows:

  • The delay time up to 6 hours after the check-out time is hourly paid;
  • The delay time exceeding 6 hours up to 12 hours is paid as for a half-day;
  • The delay time exceeding 12 hours after the check-out time is paid as for a whole day.

11. In case of the guest’s prescheduled departure (if the accommodation in the hotel lasted for at least one day) the authorized hotel employees compensate a part of the paid amount proportionally to the time left before the termination of the accommodation period;

12. The hotel administration accepts the requests of a standard pattern for the guaranteed and not guaranteed booking by means of mail, telephone, electronic communication and other ways. The booking is considered as guaranteed if the guest pays the first day or all days of the accommodation before the arrival to the hotel of «AMAKS Hotels&Resorts» network. The booking is considered as not guaranteed if the guest pays for the room directly while being accommodated in the hotel;

13. If the time of guest’s arrival is not specified in the booking request, not guaranteed booking is reserved till 18:00 at the expected date of arrival. Guaranteed booking is reserved till 12:00 of the next day after the expected day of arrival;

14. In case of withdrawal of the booking request the guest should inform the hotel administration at least 24 hours prior to the expected arrival time. In case of late withdrawal of the booking request (less than 24 hours prior to the expected arrival time) or guest’s non-arrival without notice for hotel administration, the room is paid at one day rate for the room of booked category;

15. The cost of additional places for the accommodation in the room of the chosen category is established in conformity with special pricing policy of each separate hotel of «AMAKS Hotels&Resorts» network.

16. Being on the premises of «AMAKS Hotels&Resorts» network hotels, the guest should have in one’s possession a visiting card that is issued upon the accommodation in the hotel.

17. The persons who are not staying in the hotel are allowed to visit the hotel guests till 23:00 provided that a courtesy pass is issued by the security service;

18. The guest should observe silence in the room location area at night time.

19. The guest can avail of the DND («Do Not Disturb») card that can be found in the room. In that case the room will not be done out;

20. It is not allowed to take along any food and beverages from the restaurant hall during breakfast.

21. Mini bars in the hotel rooms of «AMAKS Hotels&Resorts» network are not included in the hotel bill, so they are paid separately at the guest’s departure from the hotel;

22. In case of finding of lost things the hotel administration initiates measures to return them to their owner. If the lost thing has not been called for by its owner upon the termination of the period fixed in «Lost things regulation», the hotel comes into ownership of this thing;

23. In case of loss or damage of the hotel property the guest should compensate for the damage;

24. When leaving the hotel the guest should:

  • show the room to a chambermaid and a chambermaid should accept the room according to the list;
  • make a full settlement for all rendered services;
  • return the room key to the receptionist.

25. In case of infringement by the guest of the present Rules, the hotel administration has the right to terminate unilaterally the agreement concluded with the guest during the guest’s checking into the hotel.

The accommodation rules for guests with pets in AMAKS Hotels&Resorts chain hotels

1. In AMAKS Hotels&Resorts network hotel the accommodation with cats and small breed dogs is allowed. The hotel reserves the right to deny the accommodation to the guests with pets if «The accommodation rules for the guests with pets» is not observed and in case of pet’s aggressive, maladaptive, noisy behavior.

2. During checking into the hotel with a pet, the guest should familiarize with «The accommodation rules for the guests with pets».

3. The cost of accommodation of a pet is established in every hotel separately according to a special pricing policy of the chosen hotel.

4. The guest staying in the hotel with a pet should have a veterinary certificate of vaccination.

5. The guest should have about a special cage for a pet.

6. It is forbidden to leave a pet alone unattended in the hotel room, as well as without a special cage in the hotel lobby or on the hotel premises.

7. The guest should have about a special cat litter-box.

8. It is forbidden to walk the pets in the territory of the hotel and adjacent area.

9. To feed the pet, the guest should have about special dishes.

10. It is strictly forbidden to feed the pets from the dishes belonging to the hotel.

11. It is forbidden to take along the pets to the restaurant and entertainment complex of the hotel and other public places.

12. It is forbidden to wash the pets in a shower cabin of the room, to use towels, bed sheets and other bedding items belonging to the hotel.

13. It is forbidden to comb out the pets in the room, halls and other public places.

14. The guest should provide the access to the room for the hotel employees to tidy the room up or to conduct repairs.

15. If the hotel property is damaged by a pet, the guest should compensate for damage according to the price-list for such cases of property damage.

16. The hotel reserves the right to terminate the agreement with a guest, who stays in the hotel with a pet, and demand to leave the hotel in case of infringement of the present Rules or in case of aggressive, maladaptive, noisy behavior of a pet.


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